Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late Lunch

Last week on our last day of Lebaran holiday we decided to eating out, we're having a late lunch at Billie Chick since malls on Jakarta are extremely crowded on those days but we eventually managed to get a table. Billie Chick is one of our favorite place to eat, their menus are diverse from oriental food, indonesian and western food and the price is reasonable. For appetizer we're having Chilli fries it was nice but the bolognese sauce is a little bit too sweet for my taste.
Chilli Fries
For main course I'm having Tom Yum Fried Rice, I like the seasoning it's spicy and fresh they had citrus leaves on it and the portion is very generous I couldn't finish them all, and my beverage of course Green tea ice blended but the green tea flavor was very mild. For husband he was having Grill Salmon and Kiwi Smoothies. The Grill Salmon was nice, too bad they don't served it with mashed potatoes that day I like it better than the fries, their mashed potatoes are very savory and creamy. The Kiwi Smoothies was a downer I can't barely taste the Kiwi instead a very sour green syrup.

Husband enjoying his salmon
Overall we enjoyed our lunch and wouldn't mind to come back again maybe for their food not so much for the beverages.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

"May you stay forever young".
- Bob Dylan-

I've just turn 28 on 20th of August this year... yikes!! I can't believe I'm gonna be 30 in two more years. As I reflect back to my 27 I'm so overwhelmed, I'm having so many moments that challenge my maturity and wisdom, I learn to let go and be more patience. But I believe that everything happen for a reason and no matter what happen in your live always look at the bright side because God has a bigger plan for you.
For my 28 I hope I can live it to the fullest and never stop growing.

Here are my Wishlist for my 28 :
  1. Get pregnant and have a healthy and cute baby (Hope and pray for it)
  2. Improving my faith and spiritual as a moslem.
  3. Get healthy lifestyle (eat more fruit & veggies and exercise)
  4. Going on a second honeymoon or maybe babymoon (hopefully in Lombok)
  5. Always be thankful and positive.
  6. Give more love and attention to my beloved people, especially my husband and my parents.
  7. Give more to those unfortunate people and pay my Zakat regularly.
  8. Save more money and make financial plan.
  9. Learn some new things (such as design graphic, accessories making, riding a motor bike)
  10. Get a better job with bigger pays (I like my current job and my boss but the pay is sucks and I have to improve my work experience).
  11. Always try to look good, be more fashionable and don't be lazy to maintain beauty care and treatment.(coz if you look good, you'll feel good)
  12. Read more good books.
  13. Spending more time with my friends and making some new friends.
  14. Only surround myself with positive people.
  15. Decorate my house with chic and lovely things.
  16. Be more friendly and share more smile.
  17. Pray more often for my passed away family and relatives.
  18. Cook more often and less eating out.
  19. Occasionally treat my self with some sweet treats (cheese cake and red velvet hmmm...)
  20. Get a hair dye and new hair style.
  21. Stop pending visits to doctors and dentist (our health is our treasure).
  22. Declutter and get organized.
  23. Stop worried too much.
  24. Pay more attention to little details (I'm easily bored that's why often I get missed on the little details).
  25. Have a great vacation abroad.
  26. Stop pending works.
  27. Listen to my heart more often.
  28. Get some craft project done.
I really hope I can't make them come true, making a wishlist or a resolution list can be very daunting sometime whether or whether not they could be accomplished. But it also can be your motivation and help you figure out what you really want in live. I guess it depends on your perspective, one thing for sure... Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Decorating Ideas

Our House
This is our house, we're practically build it from the scratch and it literally drained our money and energy. If you probably wondering why is it look like it's unfinished, maybe because it's still on finishing process and we still have a long way to go with this house until it become our dream house. It's been over a year we lived in that house and I'm very thankful for having a roof over our head that protect us from the heat of Sun and rain. Here's a brief description of our house it's build on a land size 7 x 20 M, it's a two story building with 3 bedrooms and one maid room, the kitchen, dining room and the formal living room are all connected since we want it to look more spacious but it's a hell of a challenge on the decoration ideas. Anyway I really cant wait until our house is completely finish and I get to decorate it the way I want it (fun..fun..fun).

Meanwhile here's some of my picks on decorating idea that inspired me great interior design

And if you're having a trouble finding great furniture but inexpensive, you could try to remodel your old furniture and make it look fresh and stylish, here's some link :

How to spray paint furniture

I haven't try them yet, but I might gonna try one of them and challenge my crafty side, wish me luck!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary!

”We need a witness to our lives.  There's a billion people on the planet, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything.  The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things, all of it, all of the time, every day.  You're saying 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it.  Your life will not go unwitnessed because I will be your witness'." Shall We Dance, 2004

Wedding day
Recently me and the husband just celebrate our 1st Anniversary on 23rd of July (fiuuh... how time seems to fly so quickly). They say the first 2 year of a marriage is an adjustment phase, which nothing was easy for us such as; our house mortgage, house finishing, financial issue, family problem (his and mine), the domestic works that need to be done, the weight gain (this is very frustrating for me) and all the little things that sometimes can cause a fight. Not to mention when you put two person with different personality and background living in a same roof, I'm a playful, moody and emotional (I always use my feelings to make decision) He's a serious, focus and very logical person (Huh, talk about opposite attract). But thanks God, somehow we manage to go through all of the drama and the world war 3 and still happily married.

Pink Roses from Husband delivered to my office that afternoon... so sweet
 My husband is a romantic guy since we were dating, he used to give me flowers, chocolate and Teddy bear on our special occasion or even when we're fighting (how could I stay mad at him?). He sure know how to treat a girl to make her feel special. He even make a special plan when he proposed me on my 26th birthday just like on the romantic movies (I'm burst in to happy tears when he proposed me) but that's another story I'm gonna share some other times.... so dear husband, thank you for bearing with me and still showing your love and patience through all this time. -love, your wife-

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Favorite Things

I wanna start this blog by making list of my favorite things in my daily life, they are insignificant but surely able to cheer up my day, so here it is :

  1. Starbuck Green Tea Latte (I love everything Green Tea it's soothing and calming, since also I'm not a coffee person)
2.   Cakes and Patisserie (I'm a huge fan of cheese cake)

3.   Date with my lovely husband (Take me out on a dinner and movie then I'm a happy girl) 

4.  A new pair of cute shoes (my feet size is 40-42 so it is quite challenging to find me a perfect fit of a pair of shoes that are fab, that's why finding one is one of my bliss).

5.   A day in Spa or beauty salon, I'm not a high maintenance girl just a good body massage and "totok wajah" surely can distress me.

6.   Spending time with my beloved people friends and family (they sure can make me feel comfortable and happy around them)

 That's all I can think about right now, Thank God it's Friday have a nice weekend all!