Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

"May you stay forever young".
- Bob Dylan-

I've just turn 28 on 20th of August this year... yikes!! I can't believe I'm gonna be 30 in two more years. As I reflect back to my 27 I'm so overwhelmed, I'm having so many moments that challenge my maturity and wisdom, I learn to let go and be more patience. But I believe that everything happen for a reason and no matter what happen in your live always look at the bright side because God has a bigger plan for you.
For my 28 I hope I can live it to the fullest and never stop growing.

Here are my Wishlist for my 28 :
  1. Get pregnant and have a healthy and cute baby (Hope and pray for it)
  2. Improving my faith and spiritual as a moslem.
  3. Get healthy lifestyle (eat more fruit & veggies and exercise)
  4. Going on a second honeymoon or maybe babymoon (hopefully in Lombok)
  5. Always be thankful and positive.
  6. Give more love and attention to my beloved people, especially my husband and my parents.
  7. Give more to those unfortunate people and pay my Zakat regularly.
  8. Save more money and make financial plan.
  9. Learn some new things (such as design graphic, accessories making, riding a motor bike)
  10. Get a better job with bigger pays (I like my current job and my boss but the pay is sucks and I have to improve my work experience).
  11. Always try to look good, be more fashionable and don't be lazy to maintain beauty care and treatment.(coz if you look good, you'll feel good)
  12. Read more good books.
  13. Spending more time with my friends and making some new friends.
  14. Only surround myself with positive people.
  15. Decorate my house with chic and lovely things.
  16. Be more friendly and share more smile.
  17. Pray more often for my passed away family and relatives.
  18. Cook more often and less eating out.
  19. Occasionally treat my self with some sweet treats (cheese cake and red velvet hmmm...)
  20. Get a hair dye and new hair style.
  21. Stop pending visits to doctors and dentist (our health is our treasure).
  22. Declutter and get organized.
  23. Stop worried too much.
  24. Pay more attention to little details (I'm easily bored that's why often I get missed on the little details).
  25. Have a great vacation abroad.
  26. Stop pending works.
  27. Listen to my heart more often.
  28. Get some craft project done.
I really hope I can't make them come true, making a wishlist or a resolution list can be very daunting sometime whether or whether not they could be accomplished. But it also can be your motivation and help you figure out what you really want in live. I guess it depends on your perspective, one thing for sure... Wish me luck!!

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