Monday, November 10, 2014

My DIY Repainted Desk

DIY project is one of the thing that excite me and daunting me as well, I love to make plans of DIY but never actually finished it (procrastination is my middle name). So when I finally finish this simple repainting desk I felt so liberating somehow almost felt like when I paid off my soft loan from the bank. So here ladies and gentleman the big reveal of my desk.

I got this desk from my Mom's house it's a 12 year old desk with good quality of wood. I used to used it as a TV stand on my room when I still lived with my parents. This is what it looks like on our garage after sanding and filling in all the cracks, my dear husband help me with it.

I love pastel color so I choose this purple, not exactly what I have in mind because they don't have tinting machine for wood paint and only available in glossy but I think it still look cute though. This is what it looks like on our living room after I put two layers of paint and let it dry for 5 - 6 hours. Honestly I don't know why they made it look so neat and tidy on Youtube tutorial, when I finished this I got paint almost all over me, and that's the fun part. Hopefully this is not the end of my DIY, just stay tune folks.

Have a nice day ^^