Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 in Recap

Hello 2014, good bye 2013... I can't believe it's 2014 already, 2013 was quite an emotional roller coaster year for me, but no matter the situations are I've always try to be grateful and enjoy each moments mindfully. Life is never perfect but how you lived it is up to you dear. And in 2014 I hope to filled my days with more joy and spend more time with my beloved people. It's one of my purpose writing this blog to cherish and keep in my heart and mind some special moments in my life and to appreciate all the precious little things. Here's are some random snapshot of my life in 2013, it's not much since I'm not very conscious to capture every special moments, hopefully I can take more lovely pictures in 2014.

At Atmosphere Cafe Bandung, I love this place
Accompanying my hubby on his business trip to Bandung 
These Bear are the cutest, riding becak an Indonesia traditional vehicle.
My 29th Birthday on August
When you're married you don't have much time socializing anymore, these ladies are my college friends I love that we're still keep in touch. 
Diner with friends at Shabu Slim
Weekend getaway with my best friends, they are a laugh machine crazy hilarious.
Jogja Holiday, it's my second favorite city after Bandung

Milk Shop is quiet happening in Jogja, I'm at Kali Milk one of the popular Milk Shop.
My new born nephew and my beloved Dad with my two nieces, love them so much.
Fun Games for my nieces and nephew on Lebaran Holiday, we are sure one big happy family.

Working will be boring without my office friends 
My Boss farewell, he was the best boss I've ever had so lucky to have worked with him.
I Love baking and trying new recipes in my warm kitchen 
End of year shopping with the ladies.
Good friend, pancakes and good conversation  are amazing combination.