Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bandung Getaway

Bandung is always been my favorite holiday destination as many others millions Jakarta citizens, the city is just 2 hours away from Jakarta, with cool and breezy weather, a lot of attractive tourist spots, and zillions of mouthwatering culinary places and not to mention the culture and the hospitality of Sundanese people making Bandung always packed with tourist from Jakarta and all over Indonesia.

With that note we tried to avoid visiting Bandung during the weekends and other public holidays, because the traffic is absolutely horrible. Luckly we were able to go there during weekdays because my hubby is on a leave, here are some highlights of our trip to Bandung.

Where do we stay?

Since we were visiting Lembang which located on the west side of Bandung known for its beautiful scenery with lush green and mountains. So we were staying at Green Forest Resort for two nights, which located in Lembang and just 5 min away to Kampung Gajah Wonderland.

waking up to this view

This actually my second time staying in this hotel, I guess what attracted me to choose this hotel is because its beautiful nature surrounding and landscape, this place is also quite and calming just perfect if you want to get away from the noisy and hectic life of big city.

The swimming pool is not very big with 100 cm depth, I guess it's good for children but not so much for adults but the view is amazing very instagramable. As for the breakfast spread is just decent not very much variety but will keep you full until your next meal.

Where do we go?

The first spot that we go is Floating Market Lembang, the entrance ticket is only 15K IDR per person and you get a free welcome drink. The concept of this place is some kind of food market where the vendors are selling their products in a small boat around the lake, there's water rides to enjoy, parks and some fun rides for children. Me and my husband love their water rides we tried the water train and water cycle it was quite fun, the food is quite good with many variety of traditional and western and the price is also very affordable.

The next day we were visiting The Farm House Lembang I would called this place "mini Europe in Bandung" because it present gardens, cafes and little shop with European style. This place is simply charming and adorable, They have mini farm where children can feed the animals such as rabbit, sheep, cow, birds and many others, and they even have the imitation of Hobbit Town like the one in New Zealand, so many lovely spot to take pictures. Just like in Floating market you can exchange your entrance ticket here for a cup of fresh milk or a sausage.

What do we eat?

Did I mention that Bandung is heaven for food lovers, well it's absolutely true. We had lunch at Kampung Daun this place served traditional sundanese cuisine and what make this place special is they accentuate the beauty of nature with their landscape and mini waterfall so you can hear the water streaming. The guest can enjoy their meal in saung a traditional gazebo made from bamboo, we're lucky that they put us on a saung facing the mini waterfall and it so romantic.

view from our table aahh
Nasi Liwet, Bajigur and Teh Poci
I have visited Bandung quite many times but this surely won't be the last, each trip was so special and still so many new places to explore. So do you ever been to Bandung, tell me how was your trip?