Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Are My Candy Girl

I have two cute little nieces they are Ina (the girly one on the left) and Ira (the clown one on the right), they spent school holiday at my house on December and on that week my house is full of laughter and joy with these two little. Having them for a week I guess it's a little practice for me when one day I'm having my own little one, and oh boy they were pretty handful.
Unfortunately for me two days before my nieces coming, my house maid is on a leave and hubby need to go to the office due to end of the year deadline, so I was let alone taking care of my nieces and the house of course at that time my house was look like a crashed plane and I look like a zombie.
Between flipping pancakes, cleaning dishes, doing laundry and chasing them down the house to take bath, and other million chores since I'm also hosting my niece 7th birthday celebration, I was about to passed out being a full time house wife and mother was not a joke at all and I don't know how they have the energy to do it and still manage keeping up the house from collapsing.

Yumm strawberry pancakes!
Ha-ha seriously??!!
Pizza night

Hey fishy 

But it was a lot of fun and make me forgot that I'm really tired, we played dress up, video games, feeding and catching the fish, watching them singing and dancing especially Ira she can do a Gangnam style dance in her silly way I laugh my heart out when I see it.
Then it's time for Ira birthday, we decorate the house with balloons, I order a barbie birthday cake, my family coming and we're having lunch together it was so lovely.
I can't wait to spend another holiday with them and news flash my sister in law is 8th month pregnant so I'll be having a new nephew/niece (I hope it's a boy) I'm really happy being an aunt of these girls and I hope they don't grow up so fast so I can always played with them.
Until then I'm back to my normal life, taking a long bath, taking a full body massage, and my maid is also back from her leave (thanks God!)... See you next year girls!

Happy birthday chubby Ira ^^
Love them so much
We love pink yeaay ^^

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KL Trip - Part 1

There's nothing more in this world that I love the most than going on a holiday to my favorite places and new places of course, just thinking about the idea make me so excited. This is sort of belated post on Novemb..err (if I'm not forgetting) me and my family take a little trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend my second cousin wedding and of course to experience the city of truly Asia. I mean seriously if New York is the melting pot of the world then Kuala Lumpur is the melting pot of Asia, they got Melayu, Chinese, India, middle east, and other Asian. Yet of all a lot of culture living in the city you would probably think would have highly dense population but of course you got it wrong because the city population is only 2 million people compare to Jakarta with 10 million people ...fiuhh.

rushing to the Airport with no make up on, I'll blame morning flight for that
On our second day at KL my parents and my aunt was going on sightseeing with the relatives from KL, meanwhile me and hubby decided to explore KL by our own with buses, subway and monorail luckily the public transportation at KL is way better than Jakarta. We visited KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Center) one of the popular attractions in KL. My favorite part of KLCC is the huge landscape around KLCC, which I think bring quite relaxing  and refreshing atmosphere to the center of busy KL.


On the next days I wished I had taken more pictures of the food since I'm a food-natic, the food was so delicious Malay cuisine is rich of curry and spices kind like Indonesian food but stronger I think, my favorite are Lemak Rice, Tea Tarik and Kandar Rice hmmm...yum. And also I got many recommended places to eat from my Bos whose such a big fan of culinary and traveling but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to taste them all. I really enjoyed exploring KL with hubby, we went to Genting Highland, Bukit Bintang and One Utama, the only bad thing is I can get really moody when we're had been taking a very long walk but turn out that we've gone to the wrong direction this happen few times there, but thank God hubby still got some patience for me.

Satay on Madame Kwok
Sky way
Genting Highland
One Utama

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Days Has Come

Hey... happy new year everyone, wow it's 2013 already! I guess time really caught me off guard.
Valuable lessons I've learned from 2012 are ; People come and go in our lives let go those who walked out and welcome those who come in, always do good things while you can because good things happen to good people and God never sleep, hold your loved ones and tell them how much they meant for you, I'm personally still overcome the lost of my adopted little sister, she was adopted from a baby so our family is the only family she knew, it's been so hard since we're grew up together, we fight, we laugh and cry together and I was her shoulder to cry on. Sometimes I still couldn't believe my self that she's gone forever and I couldn't hear her silly laugh again....still I have to let her go because she's in a better place now, and she's not gone she will always in my heart. 

With all that said and done I'm very thankful for everything God given me in 2012, I believe that everything happen for a reason and that you can't control everything in your life, the bad and the good things.

I don't have any specific resolution in 2013, I just want to be a better person and to have a better life in general. Having a marriage life is a total life changer for me since my single life is all about having fun 24/7 ( I know stupid huh) and life as we know it doesn't last forever, but I'm totally blessed having a husband like mine he's my rock, my life, my love and my hope. I cant wait to build our dream and our little family together and I hope in 2013 our prays and dreams could come true.

2013 we're ready for ya!