Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Are My Candy Girl

I have two cute little nieces they are Ina (the girly one on the left) and Ira (the clown one on the right), they spent school holiday at my house on December and on that week my house is full of laughter and joy with these two little. Having them for a week I guess it's a little practice for me when one day I'm having my own little one, and oh boy they were pretty handful.
Unfortunately for me two days before my nieces coming, my house maid is on a leave and hubby need to go to the office due to end of the year deadline, so I was let alone taking care of my nieces and the house of course at that time my house was look like a crashed plane and I look like a zombie.
Between flipping pancakes, cleaning dishes, doing laundry and chasing them down the house to take bath, and other million chores since I'm also hosting my niece 7th birthday celebration, I was about to passed out being a full time house wife and mother was not a joke at all and I don't know how they have the energy to do it and still manage keeping up the house from collapsing.

Yumm strawberry pancakes!
Ha-ha seriously??!!
Pizza night

Hey fishy 

But it was a lot of fun and make me forgot that I'm really tired, we played dress up, video games, feeding and catching the fish, watching them singing and dancing especially Ira she can do a Gangnam style dance in her silly way I laugh my heart out when I see it.
Then it's time for Ira birthday, we decorate the house with balloons, I order a barbie birthday cake, my family coming and we're having lunch together it was so lovely.
I can't wait to spend another holiday with them and news flash my sister in law is 8th month pregnant so I'll be having a new nephew/niece (I hope it's a boy) I'm really happy being an aunt of these girls and I hope they don't grow up so fast so I can always played with them.
Until then I'm back to my normal life, taking a long bath, taking a full body massage, and my maid is also back from her leave (thanks God!)... See you next year girls!

Happy birthday chubby Ira ^^
Love them so much
We love pink yeaay ^^

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