Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late Lunch

Last week on our last day of Lebaran holiday we decided to eating out, we're having a late lunch at Billie Chick since malls on Jakarta are extremely crowded on those days but we eventually managed to get a table. Billie Chick is one of our favorite place to eat, their menus are diverse from oriental food, indonesian and western food and the price is reasonable. For appetizer we're having Chilli fries it was nice but the bolognese sauce is a little bit too sweet for my taste.
Chilli Fries
For main course I'm having Tom Yum Fried Rice, I like the seasoning it's spicy and fresh they had citrus leaves on it and the portion is very generous I couldn't finish them all, and my beverage of course Green tea ice blended but the green tea flavor was very mild. For husband he was having Grill Salmon and Kiwi Smoothies. The Grill Salmon was nice, too bad they don't served it with mashed potatoes that day I like it better than the fries, their mashed potatoes are very savory and creamy. The Kiwi Smoothies was a downer I can't barely taste the Kiwi instead a very sour green syrup.

Husband enjoying his salmon
Overall we enjoyed our lunch and wouldn't mind to come back again maybe for their food not so much for the beverages.

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