Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sweet Treats

As part of my birthday wishlist is to have a little sweet treat on a special occasion, so to celebrate my belated birthday few weeks ago we went to the nearest mall and splurge my sweet addiction.

Sweet addiction no. 1 a dozen of Mini Chewy Junior
This puff pastry is originally from Singapore, they have various topping and my favorite is Strawberry Cheese and aren't they look cute.

 Mini Chewy Junior

Sweet addiction no.2 Red Mango frozen yogurt.
Fro-yo is not actually a sweet treats but it's our favorite healthy dessert, and since the husband is not a fan of sugary food then we surely enjoyed this Twin Towers from Red Mango. I like Red Mango because the yogurt is not too sour just perfect taste for me and their topping are all fresh, they also have chocolate and avocado flavor.
Red Mango Twin Towers

Sweet addiction no. 3 Sweet Emotion candy.
Sweet Emotion has a various kind of colorful candy; Marshmallows, Toffees, Truffles, Hards, Gummies, Sours, Jellies, and many other. What makin it fun is you could mix them the way you wanted in to this bag for IDR 15.000/ounce, what a sweet deal huh!

Sweet Emotion

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