Monday, September 10, 2012

So Called Weekend

Hi Monday we meet again...uugh as much as I wanted to be excited about dragging my ass to the office on Monday morning, I just wanted to crawl back to my kingsize bed. Well maybe it's because I'm having such a good weekend that I just wanted to do it all over again (or maybe because last night I was up till late watching Glee S03 on DVDs...hahaha). Anyway, here's a recap of my weekend :

On Friday afternoon after office hour I went to Grand Indonesia to meet up with my girl friends from my previous office at Mega Kuningan, it's nice that we still keep in touch although it's been almost two years since I resign from my previous job. We're having dinner at Grand Suki celebrating my so belated birthday, we're having a really delicious Peking Duck too bad I didn't take the pictures. After diner my girls gave me my belated birthday gift a very chic Charles & Keith Wedges Sandal. They're very comfortable and I can't wait to wear them in style. Thank you girls!

I love Beige
Me and Mega Kuningan girls on 2009 Bali Holiday
On Saturday me and my parents went to my cousin house in Tangerang to have a family gathering after Lebaran, the husband was absent from this occasion because he just got home from over time at work at 03:35 AM in the morning so he could use some time to rest. I'm really excited to see my big family again this is one of my favorite thing to spent some time with my beloved family, there's so many laugh, stories and good food, my favorite dish at that gathering is my Aunty Titi fruit salad. It's ashamed that I didn't take any pictures but here are some of our family moments that I saved it from my family BBM group so excuse me the pics resolution is kinda poor.

Happy Family

On Sunday I've spent my day cooking for my husband, it's another way to keep my husband happy you know and one of my item on my birthday wishlist. I've cooked Chicken Kare and Vegetable Soup, but my favorite is this new recipe I'm trying Rainbow Pancake. It's really easy to make and super fun and the result is some very cute and yummy stack of pancakes. You just need a box of pancake mix, an egg, a cup of water and some food coloring (red rose, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). I missed the blue pancake because I've looked to several super market but they ran out of this color (sucks). But anyway my pancake turn out to be just perfect, the key to yummy pancake is the toppings and I'm using fresh strawberry, blueberry syrup and some cheese. It was so much fun maybe I'm gonna try it every weekend.

Rainbow Pancakes

I hope you had some good weekend too, cheers ^_^

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