Monday, September 17, 2012

Love is Getting Fat Together

Over the weekend since our house is currently on finishing process there's a lot of dust and loud noises from workers during the day (even on nights when the workers have to stayed for overtime until 9:00PM), making us super uncomfortable to stayed at home. I use it as an excuse to make my husband take me out on dates and for me good food equals good date. So we went out to town for a movie (actually every Friday night is our Movie Night), groceries shopping and a quest to look for delicious food in town. We're having a lot fun and also a lot of stuffing our face together .... so thank you Husband for making me happier and fatter.

Zombie invasion on Friday night
Yeeay Ice cream!

Okay, be easy on the ice cream dear
Meat ball brown sauce cheese Pancake
Carbonara Fettucini
I love Nanny's Pavillon
Cookies and cream mix with Strawberry Cheese Cake
Lunch at Sapo Oriental

Posing with  my Matcha Red bean
A smile and a doughnut
Another posses with my Matcha