Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Favorite Things

I wanna start this blog by making list of my favorite things in my daily life, they are insignificant but surely able to cheer up my day, so here it is :

  1. Starbuck Green Tea Latte (I love everything Green Tea it's soothing and calming, since also I'm not a coffee person)
2.   Cakes and Patisserie (I'm a huge fan of cheese cake)

3.   Date with my lovely husband (Take me out on a dinner and movie then I'm a happy girl) 

4.  A new pair of cute shoes (my feet size is 40-42 so it is quite challenging to find me a perfect fit of a pair of shoes that are fab, that's why finding one is one of my bliss).

5.   A day in Spa or beauty salon, I'm not a high maintenance girl just a good body massage and "totok wajah" surely can distress me.

6.   Spending time with my beloved people friends and family (they sure can make me feel comfortable and happy around them)

 That's all I can think about right now, Thank God it's Friday have a nice weekend all!

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