Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Long Weekend Getaway

Yeaaaay.... I was so excited me and hubby went to Bandung last long weekend, our favorite city to get away for a while from the hectic life in Jakarta. We spent two nights there and we purposely avoid the down town Bandung because we want to spent time in peaceful and serenity side of Bandung so we go up on the hill of Dago Pakar. Unfortunately hubby is a little sick from cold a day before our trip so we spent most of our time at the hotel. Here are some pictures from our trip...enjoy!

Buffet breakfast is one of my fav thing, make me super full

Road trip!
a big pool on our first hotel that we don't have a chance to use due to non-stop rain
Posing by the pool... dear God look how chubby I'am now
The Stone Cafe

Our hotel room
So called candle light dinner
 We're having breakfast with this view

this pool on our 2nd hotel was a lot of fun

Over all we enjoyed our trip to Bandung, it just too bad that rain is pouring almost all the time during our trip and since I try to brave my self swimming during the cold rain now I'm getting the cold too, and maybe also getting infected germs from hubby...hatchoo!. See you on our next trip!

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