Monday, January 26, 2015

What I Ate Sunday

We had breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, I try to prepare something simple yet healthy some kiwi's and red dragon fruits with non fat milk. Here's what it looked like just look at their vibrant beautiful colors rich of anti oxidants. My husband loved red dragon fruit, it's very juicy and since they were currently in season we always had them in our fridge.

Fresh fruits are the best!

One of my office friend gave me 2 kg of shredded Mozzarella cheese I keep figuring out ways to do with them. For lunch I try to cooked my favorite dish inspired from Hong Kong Cafe baked rice, this is my own version of the dish; I made fried rice with chicken, sweet corn and green vegetables (Kai choi) and then I put some mozzarella cheese on top and baked it until it melted and golden brown. It taste quite good actually.

Melted cheese yaay

The rain wont stop pouring on Sunday makes a good reason for me to take 3 hours of glorious nap, after I woke up it was already 6 PM  and I crave for hot soupy meal. So I take a quick shower and we drove to a hawker food center called Bintaro nine walk which took 20 mins drive from our home. It's one of our favorite eating spot on weekends a lot of food to choose from local and International such as sushi, dim sum, steak, Indian meal, seafood and lots of other. We decided to try a new Suki place for diner, Suki is one of our favorite hot pot dish we never get tired of this Thailand cuisine and it's a perfect meal on this rainy cold weather.

Loved the broth very spicy and refreshing.

How about you, what are you and your family favorite meal for the weekend? I love to heart them...

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